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The CBE said that the percentage has become recommendatory since the end of September 2015 and will be so until 2017.
On court's action against erring judges: The court's role is purely recommendatory.
Mehmud was appointed AGP but his appointment was challenged in the court and a recommendatory judgement was given in favour of officers of Pakistan Audit and Accounts Service.
In response to a question, he said, 'India's move requiring Advisor on Foreign Affairs of Pakistan to write a recommendatory letter to Indian External Affairs Minister for every medical visa case is unprecedented in inter-state relations.
It is philosophical in nature, normative in its approach and recommendatory in its implications.
The short, medium and long term policies through and by planning commission do contract the networking of available resources, comparative advantages and competitive edges in composition to act as recommendatory or visionary guidelines.
He informed the house that most of PCB officials were recommendatory, head coach and selection committee had been replaced and name of former captain Majid Khan had been sent to the Prime Minister for the post of chairman of PCB.
General Assembly resolutions are not binding and are recommendatory.
While the fact that a rule is encapsulated in a treaty would suggest that it is binding, it is not necessarily so if it is only recommendatory in nature.
The report is merely recommendatory and only to start a debate-- on the subject when two private members' Bills -- one on moratorium and another on abolition of death sentence -- are moved in Parliament.
On the recommendation of a Parliamentary panel to put the move on pictorial warnings on hold, he said there was no need to abide by its advice as it was just recommendatory.
at international levels, there are a number of such bodies like, the Muslim World League, the Islamic Fiqh Academy of the Organization of Islamic Co-operation whose opinions are mere advisory and recommendatory.

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