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at international levels, there are a number of such bodies like, the Muslim World League, the Islamic Fiqh Academy of the Organization of Islamic Co-operation whose opinions are mere advisory and recommendatory.
The Commission passed the recommendatory orders after careful consideration of the report of its Investigation Division as well as the enquiry report of B.
If the planned changes are adopted, the decisions of the board will only be of a recommendatory nature.
Publications: author and co-author of more than 400 research papers, 4 monographs, 2 recommendatory editions.
The participation of the group in the Philippines polls is largely voluntary and their findings are recommendatory in nature.
The financing structure and groups of possible clients will be discussed in the recommendatory model.
52) The language encouraging states to grant asylum is, however, only recommendatory.
This committee is only a recommendatory body and it is up to the individual universities to implement the curriculum as such or further revise it.
Developers said they were "keen for the development to be of high quality, to respond accurately to local housing need, to blend well with the local environment and to comply with the appropriate legislative and recommendatory standards".
In short order, he appointed two provincial investigatory and recommendatory bodies to provide advice to the New Brunswick government on these areas.
If, upon his own judgment, he refuse to execute a law and thus nullifies it, he is arrogating to himself controlling legislative functions, and laws have but an advisory, recommendatory character, depending for power upon the good-will of the President" (1910, vol.

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