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com is a well known recommender that customizes its product to the user with Collaborative Filtering (CF) technique.
Recommender nodes that have had interaction with the target end-entity may answer [R.
Definitions of recommender systems can be found in different literature sources as follows:
A recommender system is a system that takes data about a user's past history in a certain industry, such as products they have purchased, movies they have seen, or websites they have visited, and predict what the user may prefer to purchase or see in the future.
The Artemis Top 50 works with a network of recommenders worldwide to identify the most promising emerging innovations and the teams behind them.
We didn't think a list of the largest cyber security companies would be very useful to our target audience of cyber and IT security decision makers, evaluators, and recommenders.
The latest free play venture from the site is a new campaign aimed at players recommending their friends with those who manage the task receiving [pounds]10 in free play and the top 5 recommenders of the month standing to share [pounds]200 in cash.
Before taking recommendations from recommenders, the peer should consider the trustworthy or reliability of recommender, and make trust deduction based on all trust-related information.
LikeMe's roster of celebrity Guest Recommenders features more than 30 NL and AL celebrity players, including 13 of the 2009 All-Stars playing in St.
The directory ranking criteria included feedback from CISOs and decision makers, company growth, demos and presentations at conferences, media coverage, founder and management pedigree, problems solved, feedback from IT security evaluators & recommenders, customer base, feedback from VARS, SIs and consultants, corporate marketing and branding, and more.
The work is divided into three sections covering recommenders, clustering, and classifiers, and individual chapters address topics such as representing recommender data, clustering algorithms in Mahout, and the evaluation and tuning of classifiers.
Guest Recommenders also include local tastemakers, like chefs and DJs, who are always in the know about the latest in their areas of expertise.