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Therefore, TEI recommends that the cost/income ratio be eliminated as a presumptive test of the reasonableness of a cost-sharing agreement.
TEI recommends that capital spare parts be treated, for fax purposes, as depreciable property and be classified in the same way as the property for which they are spare parts.
To eliminate this inequity and to encourage companies to install pollution-control equipment, TEI recommends that the CCA regulations for Classes 24 and 27 be amended to delete the requirement that operations to which the equipment relates must have commenced before 1974.
Andy Garcia recommends Three Trapped Tigers by Cuban author Guillermo Cabrera Infante.
Management recommends a vote for the directors standing for re-election (agenda item number 2): Jackob Nimrodi, Chairman of the Board and President; Ron Weissberg, Acting CEO; Smadar Nimrodi-Rinot Vice President Special Projects; Rechaviya Vardi, retired officer, Israeli secret service; Benjamin Ze'evi, retired officer, Prime Minister's Office, Israel; Yael Nimrodi-Gilat.
For cylinders in heavy use (for example, those filled five or more times a week), Luxfer recommends visual inspection every four months.
The plan also recommends increasing charges for TVA's lowest-cost interruptible power for industrial customers.
Evaluate Low-Cost Retrofitting to Accommodate Standardized Batteries: This initiative recommends evaluating legacy equipment for retrofitting to accept the best battery options or substitutions without adverse effect on equipment performance, maintenance, or life cycle costs.
In addition, the panel recommends that OSHA carefully study the effects of existing compliance and outreach efforts, such as the Special Emphasis Program on Silica, with a view to better delineating the effects of such efforts.
Claudia Jensen, a Ventura physician who recommends medical marijuana to her patients, said most patients require between 1/4 and 1/2 ounce of marijuana per week.