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We are poised to spend more than $113bn on infrastructure in the next few years," President Jacob Zuma announced when opening the recommissioned 1600MW Camden power station.
Ready Steady Cook after being recommissioned for a 21st series, the BBC said.
The Airforce, as part of its forward policy, has already recommissioned two airstrips at Daulat Begh Oldi near the Karakoram pass and at Fukche in central Ladakh and Niyoma would be the third airbase to come up.
That show has yet to be recommissioned as ITV1 executives try to cut costs amid a slump in advertising.
JENNY Frost's BBC Three show Snog, Marry, Avoid has been recommissioned for a third series and will again include celebrities who need a "make-under", in addition to Britons abroad who want a change to their holiday style.
The relocation forms part of a wider strategy by Screen WM to secure and create a more sustainable screen media sector in the region and follows the broadcaster's recent announcement that the long-running Birmingham based drama series Doctors has been recommissioned for an further three years in Birmingham.
After the Thetis was raised, it was recommissioned but on active service, this most unfortunate of all ships was sunk again with all hands.
The latter has just been recommissioned by Channel 4.
Now it has been recommissioned and renovated in preparation for next year's celebrations.
A spokeswoman for ITV1 said she could not comment on Waterman's announcement, because the show had not yet been recommissioned.
Things like the threat of nuclear war and the thought that Back To Reality might get recommissioned (just kidding, folks, it's very funny.