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Spring is a time for renewal, and with this recommitment, there is an opportunity to renew the process outlined in the Minsk agreements and allow the civilian population in eastern Ukraine to once again live in peace, Ambassador Apakan said.
All of this is part of our recommitment to the productivity loop, and it is paying off in savings, lower prices and more sales across our business.
With a recommitment and a rededication to helping those that need their services most, credit unions, as they have so many times, can make an impact, can make a difference and can turn the FDIC numbers around and put us on the right track to doing what needs to be done.
First and foremost I welcome the new Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, Ed Davey's recommitment to nuclear energy and to his backing of new builds, and sites including Wylfa, which was confirmed by the previous Labour Government.
It provides a context to learn and share ideas and strategies for leadership and struggle, and for reinforcement and recommitment to the ongoing struggles for freedom, justice, power of the masses of people over their destiny and daily lives, and peace in the world.
The BC Treaty Commission has been calling for some time for a recommitment from the federal government to the treaty-making effort.
The downtown Detroit office represents a recommitment to the core city by Chrysler, which moved most of its white-collar staff from Highland Park to its Auburn Hills campus two decades ago.
Rio+20 offers us a timely chance for a similar change in course -- for a much-needed paradigm shift and a recommitment to implementation.
Each couple receives a signed certificate of their recommitment, and they go on their way.
The reason: we are seeing a recommitment by the United States to maintaining the stability of the Indo-Pacific area.
6 offers a solemn occasion for remembrance, respect, reflection and recommitment.
The 2011 strategy is a recommitment to the two main goals established in the inaugural strategy: curtailing drug consumption and improving public health and safety by reducing the consequences of drug use.