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He shall be--ha--he shall be handsomely recompensed, sir,' said the Father, starting up and moving hurriedly about the room.
But if he deserts me, Nell, at this moment--if he deserts me now, when I should, with his assistance, be recompensed for all the time and money I have lost, and all the agony of mind I have undergone, which makes me what you see, I am ruined, and--worse, far worse than that-- have ruined thee, for whom I ventured all.
Conservative MP Mrs Trevelyan led calls for concertgoers to be recompensed by organiser, Loose Cannon Event Management.
Conservative Mrs Trevelyan led calls for concert-goers to be recompensed by organiser, Loose Cannon Event Management.
LIVERPOOL City Council has immediately accepted the Ombudsman report into underpaid carers and the lady concerned has swiftly been recompensed.
But the insurers used the condition as a way to refuse payment and it took a referral to the Financial Services Ombudsman before the couple were finally recompensed.
According to junaio the new advertising service provides an opportunity for channel developers to be recompensed for their effort of providing useful content for their audiences.
We never were recompensed for our abnormal living conditions but were much grateful to have survived to have tried to pick up the pieces without any financial help.
There followed a hell of a to-ing and fro-ing and discussion before it was decided Fiona should be recompensed for her mackerel salad.
I'M so pleased for the people who lost their work pensions, as they will now be properly recompensed.