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The technology is an algorithm for resizing images -- still or video -- that automatically recomposes an image as it is scaled, preserving the important features of the image as it adapts to the new dimensions.
It is well known that Fecteau cuts, recomposes, and repaints his sculptures considerably over the course of months or years before displaying them, but the twists and turns of these forms ended up relentless and bulky.
By the end of the semester, the students display a fairly sophisticated grasp of how the novelist looks at the world through a creative screen, even through a kind of magical kaleidoscope that dismembers, deforms and recomposes a reality rendered iridescent.
The revolutionary new Content-Aware Scaling tool in Photoshop CS4 and Photoshop CS4 Extended automatically recomposes an image as it is resized, preserving vital areas as it adapts to new dimensions.
The soundscape decomposes and recomposes from the slightest details to the whole.
The face finding technology works in real time and it is able to control the auto-focus even if the person moves or the photographer recomposes the picture.