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Bassel Rajjoub began his musical career by recomposing folk music in songs performed by Syrian singer Lena Chamamyan.
To integrate this dynamic interaction into the model, a method of recomposing individual measurements to production scenarios that describe the emitted heat has been developed at the IFT.
Their discreet work consists of extracting and recomposing the powder, which is incorporated into various goods imported into the EU: beeswax, plastics, fertilisers and clothing.
The most recent initiative made by President Saleh, which suggested presenting the proposed amendments to the election law once again to Parliament and recomposing SCER by adding JMP representatives, hasn't met JMP's expectations.
Meanwhile, x cannot know what x is, even though x be ever so well aware of what x is not, 2008, is a melodramatic and nearly overworked abstract painting, a central rectangle of which the artist has cut, rotated, and reinserted--a dispassionate recomposing of an impassioned little abstraction.
In an effort to cast a curatorial schema over the wildly disparate array of content on offer at this forth edition of the Forum, Ashkal Alwan has suggested "disaster, catastrophe, recomposing desire and sex practices" as "thematic axes.
Destruel's original achievement in this book is to show how Nerval reappropriates his experience of time and reintegrates his own biography by recomposing it via a radically new autobiographical project based not upon a return to the past, but upon a continually evolving recombination of the past and the present oriented towards the future life of the autobiographical subject.
Recomposing German music; politics and tradition in Cold War Berlin.
The ex-Hearts playmaker pole-axed Zander Diamond with a drive which struck him in the nether regions and while he was recomposing himself, Greg Ross played a through ball to Noel Hunt whose effort was well saved by Jamie Langfield.
Recomposing himself, he fought to catch the riders in front and went past fellow Huddersfield rider Tom Sykes on the fast lefthand entry to the complex, but the handling problem which had plagued throughout the race flicked the Vitrans rider out of the seat - very nearly taking both riders out of the race.
The editor and others went into work, where they set about recomposing the edition for the 64 black-and-white pages that the pressroom could print.
The Barcelona in which he settles seems to be literally and figuratively dissolving and recomposing itself; denying its past and searching for its future, it presents a panorama which reminds him of the Paris of 1789.