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The reconcilability of ontology mediation allows the participating organizations to reuse interorganizational knowledge within the network even if there are fundamental differences among organizations in terms of KMS structures and formats.
To demonstrate the reconcilability of ontology mediation and reusability of inter-organizational knowledge in the network, let us consider the following scenario.
That Weil took this reconcilability seriously is further exemplified in her last and lengthy letter to Father Perrin.
Despite the rejection of Gottfried's unconventionality he has to be seen, in one way or another, as occupying a solitary position: either in terms of his 'modernity' (dismissed by Keck) or (as advanced by her) by his agreement with Hartmann on the reconcilability of love and society, in which he would differ from other, pessimistic treatments of the Tristan story.
The origin of language was, then, a topos through which one could articulate the truthfulness of one doctrine, and its reconcilability with another one.
The essential point is that social welfare theory is predicated on the presumed reconcilability of two qualitatively distinct moral theories: (1) Because of its implicit emphasis on instrumentally important rights, social welfare theory incorporates elements of rights-based moral theories.
The focus shifts from the mutually constitutive nature of class and citizenship to productive labor, the reconcilability of class conflict or the harmony of interests, and the combat between labor and capital.
A student of early Scalia articles would recognize land as one of those "well-defined and fully developed 'existential' categories of legal activity" that are recognized by lawyers and judges, though not always by scholars, as a category of "factually similar precedent" whose "consistency among themselves" is more important than "their reconcilability with the mass of decisions involving the general principle.
At the same time, these efforts have opened up a new field for debating more fundamentalist understandings of Islam as against its reconcilability with--or indeed embeddedness in--elements of African culture.
It may come as a surprise to realize that only in the constant engagement in encounter with other believers will a provocative theology of culture(s), inspired by the gospel of the gracious God, enable the ecumenical movement to deal simultaneously with the reconcilability of different doctrines of the church, a credible emphasis on the re-discovery of the culture of the poor and the non-Atlantic reverence for the mystery of nature.
That proponents of the realist and the idealist visions of international relations would differ over the cognitive reconcilability of the two very different cognitive entities of reality and hope is also understandable and commensurable.