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Another cavil stems from the title, Reconcilable Differences.
Create a fully reconcilable audit trail and reports.
Smithee said he Senate bill approved today is even more different from the House goals and more favorable to lawyers than the measure senators approved during the regular session "If that's really what he wants to do, then we have a fundamental disagreement that is probably not reconcilable," Smithee said.
He also has asked his political opponents to re-engage in dialogue in hopes of reaching a sustainable and reconcilable political agreement.
With the increase in players in the counties we have been active in, the expectations of our local sellers have become less reconcilable with our model and market expectations," Blumenkehl continued, "By increasing our markets, we can still control our product flow through existing networks while increasing our ability to leverage the opportunities in our markets.
The "counterinsurgency guidance" issued on Sunday puts more emphasis on combating corruption in the Afghan government, identifying reconcilable members of the Taliban and allocating Nato funds more responsibly.
Therefore, instead of being in irreconcilable competition, these two moral presumptions would be reconcilable in particular circumstances by means of a process of moral weighing or balancing.
the reconcilable Taliban to the negotiation table with the Afghan government.
But after his talks in Gaza, Shaath was reported by AHARQ AL AWSAT as saying that the visit "has opened avenues, created reconcilable atmosphere and prevented a total break between Fatah and Hamas.
This raises a problem, for it would appear to undermine the claim that liberty and necessity are reconcilable, or that contracts made out of fear are free (134-5).
Not all the Taliban are fanatical maniacs but some of them are, and are not reconcilable.
These release programs are essential to the multinational force commander's effort to separate hard-core terrorists from reconcilable elements and provide those "reconcilables" the opportunity to constructively rejoined society.