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Dialogue with moderate forces and engagement with reconcilable elements was important to control the spread of extremism and militancy," he added.
Recoverable costs, including purchased power and fuel for electric generation, gas purchased for resale and reconcilable demand-side management expenses, were $59.
In addition, recoverable costs, including economic purchases of fuel for electric generation, gas purchased for resale, reconcilable demand-side management expenses and purchased power, declined by $34.
The economic purchase of fuel for electric generation and of gas purchased for resale, and reduced reconcilable demand-side management expenses, resulted in recoverable costs -- including purchased power -- of $63.
The cost of fuel, purchased power, gas purchased for resale and reconcilable demand-side management costs in 1994 was $239.
Tillerson has even gone as far as to suggest that the reconcilable elements amongst the Taliban can even become part of the Afghan unity government.
He has also suggested that reconcilable militants could become part of the Afghan government.
Reconcilable Differences Connecting in a Disconnected World By Dawna Markova PhD and Angie McArthur SPIEGEL & GRAU
The contractor can also, if he wishes, carry out several phases simultaneously, if and only if this does not lead to a surplus of traffic incompatible with the Legal safeguards, if the associated phases allow reconcilable deviations, and finally, if this does not affect the quality of the work performed and the conformity of the work with the terms and conditions of the contract.
Regardless, the three neighbouring nations are doing the right thing as their differences are reconcilable and efforts to rebuild dialogue and cooperation will be beneficial not only for Syria but to the world peace and security.
Forum Energy Technologies, an international oilfields products company, has 104 disparate general ledgers and 4,200 reconcilable accounts to manage with each close.
In fact, he was considered reconcilable and someone who actually wanted a peaceful settlement in Afghanistan.