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The approach is meant to employ cheap, simple, easily available products to reconcile cellular issues.
The project aims to encourage employers to implement equal opportunities and the introduction of measures to reconcile family and work.
Joseph and Holly sleep together, and Joseph struggles to reconcile his religious beliefs with his friends' ' newlydiscovered sexuality.
We need to acknowledge the extent of our separation from God and our inability to reconcile ourselves.
Summary: JEDDAH: A presenter on an FM radio show inadvertently caused a young man and his fiancee to break their engagement despite her subsequent attempts to reconcile them.
Summary: Iraq's government said Monday it would not reconcile with members of Al-Qaeda or anyone who has killed Iraqis.
LAWYERS for Charlie Sheen and his wife said yesterday the couple want to reconcile even though Brooke Sheen told police her husband put a knife to her throat and threatened to kill her.
While presiding over a meeting of fiscal monitoring committee, here Tuesday, the Minister said that every department should maintain its accounts up to date and reconcile their accounts according to their expenditures.
London, May 25 (ANI): Oz musician Peter Andre has revealed that he wants a "quickie divorce" from his estranged wife Jordan, despite the latter's constant pleas to reconcile.
I think Mullah Omar, who provided a safe haven and a base from which Osama bin Laden could train terrorists who eventually killed thousands of Americans, is not somebody we are prepared to reconcile with," Pentagon spokesperson, Geoff Morrell said.
The holidays are a reminder that it's never too late to reconcile and that changing our beliefs is at the core.
Cafe Reconcile began in 1997 to train youth for the hospitality industry.