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Once they see the distinction [that some people will refuse to reconcile whereas God will not refuse a sincere repentant person], they begin to relax a little more and realize that they very well may be forgiven by God.
com/megan-fox-brian-austin-green-welcome-third-baby-divorce-still-cards-new-girl-star-2399719) the birth of their son, Journey , in August, they have seemed to reconcile completely.
The approach is meant to employ cheap, simple, easily available products to reconcile cellular issues.
The project aims to encourage employers to implement equal opportunities and the introduction of measures to reconcile family and work.
The broken-hearted man then called in the next day to tell his tale of woe, but the presenter could not reconcile them.
Khuzai said in April that Baghdad was hoping to reconcile with any members of the Islamic State of Iraq, al-Qaeda's front group in the country, who do not have blood on their hands.
Executives say the new online system is easier to use and can reconcile claims from all insurance companies.
Charlie Sheen's lawyer, Richard Cummins, confirmed the actor wants to reconcile.
Though Jordan begged Peter to reconcile and bombarded him with text messages and phone calls on her 31sr birthday, her efforts have gone in vain because peter is in no mood to reciprocate to her plea.
2 : to settle by agreement : adjust <You'll have to reconcile your differences.
I think Mullah Omar, who provided a safe haven and a base from which Osama bin Laden could train terrorists who eventually killed thousands of Americans, is not somebody we are prepared to reconcile with," Pentagon spokesperson, Geoff Morrell said.
Cafe Reconcile began in 1997 to train youth for the hospitality industry.