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One could say, accordingly, that he is a closet reconciler, one who isolates reconciliation away from pure forgiveness but leaves the door open so that it is never truly out of sight
As we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the great reconciler, we also live with the daily reality that reconciliation within the Anglican Church of Canada seems tentative at best.
It is an investigative body, a prosecutor, a reconciler.
Read virtually any newspaper story/analysis and the consensus is that McCain has a strong pro-life record on abortion (which is true) and that Obama, reflecting his reconciler spirit, is the very embodiment of middle-of-the-roadism (which is decidedly not true).
The September 12, 2006, lecture at Regensburg, in which he quoted the medieval source that supports a view of Islam as inherently violent and irrational, seemed at first to displace the image of the post-Vatican II papacy as a reconciler among the nations.
15) This habit of using Gothic style as an instrument of thought--and of seeing it as a reconciler of terms that are ordinarily in opposition to each other--is reproduced in G.
Attempting to be a reconciler, Marsh never publicly criticized Stanley and chose to continue expressions of optimism.
He saw himself as a negotiator and a reconciler, and the record shows it: he did not write a single piece of major legislation in his entire career.
Matt, a 20th-century reconciler of Jewish mysticism with modern cosmology, affirms the amazing foresight shown by this liturgical statement.
to act as mediator and reconciler and provide advocacy for those who need a voice in the healthcare system.
Noguchi is considered a reconciler of the aesthetics of East and West, but here we will see how Fuller's influence fueled lifelong interests in other dualisms--art and design, thought and utility--apparent in everything from Noguchi's playground designs to his paper lamps.