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However, God 4) forgives sins when sinners accept His saving grace and 5) immediately reconciles with sinners without first needing to restore trust toward sinners.
She reconciles herself to the possibilities available to her in the real world and Ladislaw adopts a purposeful life.
Allow a purchasing card to be assigned to an SAP Purchase Order and efficiently reconcile the resulting transaction in SAP's FI module; and
According to Seth Bruder, Webalo's chief technology officer and co-founder, the existence of a User Proxy fundamentally transforms the service-oriented architecture into a true "user-oriented architecture" that reconciles SOA with the other paradigm shift occurring in software -- what some are calling "Web 2.
By employing the DG network to handle and distribute advertising content and ConfirMedia technology to electronically detect airplay and mediate and reconcile advertising campaigns simultaneously, a one-of-a-kind solution will exist for national, regional and local advertisers as well as all electronic mediums.
Pantero can provide companies with the ability to reconcile the inherent data inconsistencies between enterprise business systems within service-oriented architectures (SOAs).
Today, companies solve the data interoperability problem by hand coding special rules to reconcile differences in data, a process that accounts for $19 billion in annual labor costs across the industry and creates an IT architecture that is expensive to maintain and resistant to change.
Applying innovative, real-time matching and correlation technology to DB2 Information Integrator query results, the Siperian Activity Server reconciles the customer data and content from multiple sources into a composite customer object.
the eProvisioning Company(TM), today introduced eProvision(TM) Role-Out, the industry's first identity consolidation service that intelligently interprets, normalizes and reconciles data to provide clean federated identities for provisioning and identity management systems.
Unlike point-to-point integration tools, SchemaServer reconciles all the schema and metadata specifications used within an enterprise, creating agreed-upon definitions that can by pushed out to interconnected systems, so they work as one," said Andrei Ovchinnikov, CEO of SchemaLogic.
In addition, SILC automatically updates and reconciles each depot's database of inventory with data captured from each physical asset.