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For if they are capable of making greater advancement than I have made, they will much more be able of themselves to discover all that I believe myself to have found; since as I have never examined aught except in order, it is certain that what yet remains to be discovered is in itself more difficult and recondite, than that which I have already been enabled to find, and the gratification would be much less in learning it from me than in discovering it for themselves.
There were either no villages, or the people were hostile, or the director, who like the rest of us fed out of tins, with an occasional old he-goat thrown in, didn't want to stop the steamer for some more or less recondite reason.
Anyhow, when at last it is done, you will find it is no recondite, but a simple, natural, common state which the writer restores to you.
But reflex and voluntary movements are not ALWAYS appropriate, unless in some very recondite sense.
Had he that deep-seated recondite complaint, and did any doctor find it out?
These phrases are very apt when applied to the recondite subject of deciding which are the good artists of the future.
I would rather read a book like this than "typical" recondite scholarship written by obscurantist academics who think that it's clever to use the word recondite.
Much of the writing is in a choppy, recondite argot dubbed 'techsperanto,' which is filled with programmers' jargon, obscure abbreviations, neologisms, puns and Yoda-esque syntactical inversions.
Contract awarded for Recondite second main building external windows and doors replacement and other work
And last night featured a stunning lineup that included a live set from Recondite, Fort Romeau, Nyt Bloomer and DJ sets from local lads Ryan Monaghan, John Morrison, Shay Healey and GRRD.
Luckily celebrity guest Dr Phil Hammond, in dictionary corner with Susie Dent, saved the day with a nine-letter word - recondite.
Fortunately celebrity guest Dr Phil Hammond, who was in dictionary corner with Susie Dent, saved the day with a nine-letter word: recondite.