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The recommendations also include a proposal for step by step confirmation of SIMs including getting finger prints of the holders of the SIMs for reconfirmation to regularize the SIM connections.
As part of this CFC update reconfirmation that the Government will introduce the offshore financing company regime.
61 million passengers did not fly even after reconfirmation of their bookings.
6 million passengers stayed back even after reconfirmation of their bookings," said Khaled Al-Mulhim, the airline's director general.
When I asked him about the reconfirmation, he said "I thought you were paying by credit card", surely trying to escape.
Lee's team have identified the puppies as Booger's genuine clones, and his university's forensic medicine team is conducting reconfirmation tests.
The International Atomic Energy Agency made the reconfirmation in a report submitted by its second mission, which was sent to the nuclear plant in January.
The tangible achievements realised over the years have greatly enhanced the Bank Group and generated renewed confidence in the Institution as demonstrated by the reconfirmation of the triple A (AAA) rating of the Bank by major global rating agencies.
Based on the costs airports reported initially and our subsequent reconfirmation efforts, we did not change the cost estimates provided by the airports.
Robin Hayes on July 25 (as quoted by The Charlotte Observer), in what appeared to be a set-in-concrete reconfirmation of his unalterable opposition to the controversial Central American Free Trade Agreement.
include re-assaying of drill cores; reconfirmation of assays; modelling using
This show will serve as a "strong reconfirmation of our coordinated look [and] our one-stop shopping [concept]," said Sal Gabbay, executive vice president of sales and marketing for Gibson, which recently added at least four new categories to its lineup, including cookware, silicone, cutlery and bakeware; bulked up existing ones such as teakettles and baskets; and is set to launch three new licenses across all categories of tabletop.