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The Lebanese army also announced earlier today that an Israeli reconnaissance aircraft violated the country's airspace.
The Supreme Commander-in-Chief emphasized that several problems must be solved for a successful implementation of military tasks: insufficient provision of modern radar complexes and laser rangefinders, night vision devices, lack of software and hardware means for automation of fire control based on tablets and PDAs, lack of unmanned reconnaissance complexes.
Cette theorie a <<pour but d'expliquer les processus de transformation sociale en fonction d'exigences normatives qui sont structurellement inscrites dans la relation de reconnaissance mutuelle>> (ibid.
According to Kartapolov, the whole set of the reconnaissance devices is engaged on a permanent basis.
Back in September 1961, Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara had established a secret National Reconnaissance Program (NRP) that funded all United States overflight technical collection assets, and a clandestine National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) in the Pentagon to manage and direct the effort.
These challenges to unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and satellite reconnaissance may inevitably leave the ground combat commander and his intelligence staff blind in the first months or even years of our next military action in the Pacific.
Our forces conduct reconnaissance and security operations to fight this battle.
BEIRUT: Two Israeli warplanes and a reconnaissance jet violated Lebanese airspace Wednesday, the Lebanese Army said, in the latest Israeli flights over south Lebanon.
These flights revealed the potential for dedicated weather reconnaissance.
The evolution of the CBRN Unmanned Ground Reconnaissance Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration (ACTD) exploits next-generation sensor technology to demonstrate enhanced capabilities for existing mounted reconnaissance platforms and the military utility of unmanned ground reconnaissance systems for CBRN applications.
Light divisions included a company with three dual-purpose (smoke and decontamination) platoons that obtained reconnaissance support from corps Chemical companies.
What we now are doing is we're doing a lot of work to try to figure out how to use the pilot longer in that situation or to do away with the pilot when we want the observance or the reconnaissance to go longer than we had expected.