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Pete Blaber, whose elite teams reconnoitering the area provided the first hints that enemy forces might be larger than estimated.
in the shade in summer, and below freezing in the winter), the LRDG patrols specialized in gathering intelligence and reconnoitering enemy positions and new routes.
It is that kind of thinking that has opened up possibilities for the National Aeronautics Space Administration (NASA) mission planners to consider reconnoitering the surface of Mars for soil samples and to seek signs of life.
After a morning of reconnoitering in town I headed for the Norman Rockwell Museum, a short drive up Route 102 from the heart of Stockbridge to Route 183.
Console cowboys and Mondo 2000 fans may despair the absence of a full-fledged parallel cyberuniverse in Virtual Reality, but Gibson is reconnoitering, with ingenuity and humor, a future no farther away than Madonna's 50th birthday.
Molloy and Galeazzi are reconnoitering the coastline looking for sites for marinas and other developments.
Strategies were developed days in advance, with reconnoitering and secret assignments given.
We were reconnoitering another area of France and yes, this time, I think we've found it.
After I finished reconnoitering the third bridge, I only had to get to the railroad bridge and be picked up in the reconnaissance boat.