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But James had failed to reconnoitre the ground, an error no Swiss general would have allowed.
In this capacity he participated in long-range patrols (usually lasting several weeks) in dense jungle and carried out cross-border raids to find Indonesian supply lines and to reconnoitre sites for ambushes.
Did not these new residents reconnoitre their environs before choosing to move in, and perhaps deciding that they might be better suited in a quiet, leafy suburb?
The 43-year-old was one of the first soldiers to enter war-torn Bosnia in 1992 as part of a reconnoitre platoon.
Outings are arranged by enthusiastic members who reconnoitre walks and visits, research background, conduct the days'' events and then write up an account for the Proceedings.
He would have also had to reconnoitre all his locations - some of them are taken from hilltops or tops of buildings - so the effort was a Herculean task.
The US had used U-2 spy planes that took off from "Peshawar, Pakistan" Peshawar, Pakistan to reconnoitre sites in the "Soviet Union" Soviet Union since 1957.
All signs and announcements feature English and there are plenty of maps so it is easy to reconnoitre.
Indian intelligence sources said last night that reports of British citizens of Pakistani origin checking into the hotel before the attacks to reconnoitre the building were being taken seriously.
A piece in the London Gazette on January 15, 1901, read: "On the 20th October, 1900, near Zeerust, Lt Doxat proceeded with a party of mounted infantry to reconnoitre a position held by 100 Boers on a ridge of Kopjes.
King had ordered Thornton to walk the track the night before, and after the trainer had completed his own reconnoitre the pair met to discuss their tactics.
The mission was to reconnoitre the Japanese occupied island but the men ran into mishaps from the start with the kayaks of the scouting party swamped as the team attempted to land.