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According to the deal, which Aristide agreed to, the two sides would work together to reconstitute the government.
The board approved presenting to Council a plan to reconstitute the Auditing Standards Board so that it can fulfill its ongoing obligation to set standards for audits of non-issuers.
The White House releases portions of a top secret intelligence assessment prepared before the war in Iraq, arguing it presented "a clear, compelling case" that Baghdad was trying to reconstitute its nuclear weapons programme.
Yet before a 1998 congressional hearing, Ritter testified: "Once effective inspection regimes have been terminated, Iraq will be able to reconstitute the entirety of its former nuclear, chemical, and ballistic missile delivery system within a period of six months.
Reach for the fresh squeezed Oj on the grocery shelf and you'll get a lot less vitamin C than if you reconstitute the frozen alternative.