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They are the "generations of Revolutionaries and Reconstructors who birthed and rebirthed the Bill of Rights.
Most readers will find it difficult to assess the evidence of the reconstructors who vouched for dancing in chopines.
Great presidents of reconstruction, such as Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt, are followed by their partisan affiliates, who work to manage the regimes the reconstructors established and carry that party's political projects into the future (Skowronek 1993).
So during the company's 2006-07 tour, former Limon company members will act as reconstructors and choose nine student dancers at each location to perform in this spirited ode to human resilience.
The only reason he was onstage was because the Humphrey Foundation requested that the reconstructors use men instead of an all-female cast.
For reconstructors, however, it is impossible to work with the text in hand.
In fact, her movie jobs have caused her to question the fetish for authenticity among reconstructors of historical dance: "In my early years as a Renaissance scholar, I worried mostly about the authenticity of steps.