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Christ made no attempt to reconstruct society, and consequently the Individualism that he preached to man could be realised only through pain or in solitude.
To reconstruct a past world, doubtless with a view to the highest purposes of truth--what a work to be in any way present at, to assist in, though only as a lamp-holder
That I was heels over head in love is true, but who can overcome his habit of thought, or reconstruct his character?
The fragments accidentally stuck together would, in all probability, be found to fit each other, and would certainly (in any case) be the easiest fragments to reconstruct as a center to start from.
The plays reconstruct the ancient world with much more minute accuracy than do Shakspere's; the student should consider for himself whether they succeed better in reproducing its human reality, making it a living part of the reader's mental and spiritual possessions.
It was necessary for me to reconstruct the occurrence and make of it two phases--each separated from the other, in time, by the space of several hours.
We are to be honoured with a visit from one of Scotland Yard's detect,ives, to reconstruct his journey from here.
Well, now, we can reconstruct things on those lines.
This project reconstructs streets and highw ays on the Federal-aid highway system and other streets with poor pavement condition , drainage, or other reconstruction needs.
To capture that outlook, however, Isaac also reconstructs Carter's social environment, especially the lives of his adult children and his slaves, with a richness and deftness quite worthy the attention of social historians.
The sequence of photos reconstructs an approach to its sacred waterfalls.
She reconstructs the production and significance of manuscripts commissioned during the later fifteenth century by members of the powerful Mendoza family.