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The individual reconversion, to be carried out by farmers, will stretch over 50,200 hectares.
This three-step conversion, recharacterization, and reconversion is beneficial if the Roth IRA account has declined in value in the period after the Roth IRA conversion because paying tax on the lower account will reduce the taxpayer's total tax burden relative to the transaction.
Kazakhstan, which has the world's second-largest uranium reserves after Australia, will become the fourth foreign country to undertake uranium reconversion for Kansai Electric, following the United States, Britain and France.
In the same manner, the Committee proposes that the Quebec's Religious Heritage Foundation be eventually transformed into a religious heritage council and that new responsibilities be assigned thereto, particularly as regards reconversion assistance, counselling services, support and awareness-raising.
The taxpayer in LTR 200613027(LLC) represented to the IRS that the effect of the reconversion was to cause the legal and financial arrangements between the owners and the taxpayer to be identical in all material respects.
The first target of the reconversion strategy is Gualadalajara, where mayor Emilio Gonzalez Marquez launched a strong program to combat piracy in places like San Juan de Dios, the biggest piracy market in the city.
Innovation socioterritoriale et reconversion economique : Le cas de Montreal.
But in these countries, dancers who retire around 40 can still pursue a second career, with their retraining subsidized through artist pension, or special insurance funds, like British Dancers Career Development or the Association suisse pour la reconversion des danseurs professionels.
But it is reasonable to suppose that problems of a different nature will soon confront the profession--problems related to surplus-property disposal, reconversion, expansion, new financing, international trade, and government regulation designed to improve the living standards of the people, rather than to fight a war.
Money paid until 2000 for promotion of Rivesaltes wine is in the clear, as is reconversion aid up to an intensity (proportion of total spending) of 30% and/or 5,000 [euro] per hectare.
Darts des textes aussi differents que la politique culturelle, la strategie touristique, la strategie de reconversion industrielle des villes moyennes, les auteurs font apparaitre des effets tres differencies.
Reconversion is the reutilization of fallow lands for agriculture.