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Assets recharacterized can be reconverted at the later of (1) the year after the year of conversion, or (2) more than 30 days after recharacterization.
A playroom/study currently takes up the garage but this could easily be reconverted.
In 1984, she was renamed, reconverted, and reborn as a sea-going hospital with 12 operating rooms and a 1,000-bed facility.
A group of sturdy lifeboatmen heaved the vessel out of Whitby Lifeboat Museum, which is being reconverted into a temporary working lifeboat station.
But when more than 100 Catholics were forcibly reconverted to Hinduism in the Sundargarh district in 2002, complaints by Christian groups failed to provoke legal action from the state.
After the failure of the Restoration, which tried to recreate a rural landlord class based on local power, inspired from the English gentry, noble families of Franche-Comte reconverted their aspirations with the help of public resources.
Arguably, what really needs to be explained is not why this group of people reconverted, but why they were tempted to be militant Secularists for a season.
There are now more bison and Native Americans living on the Great Plains than at any time since the late 1870s as the prairie is slowly reconverted to the ranching and grazing that best suits its particular ecology.
Both Toronto and Ottawa offer picnics, but the capital city's is staged in a public park not at a reconverted horse farm, where only the old, the rich and the dead feel comfortable.
Already open in the reconverted space within the 90,000 SF former Rickles facility are Bob's Stores and Bed, Bath & Beyond.
Pain is channeled and reconverted into political power: The victim's familiar world is destroyed, while being simultaneously remade into an image of the dominant regime's political and cultural constructs.
The IRS and tax practitioners are also grappling with the question of whether such "recharacterized" funds can thereafter be reconverted back into a Roth IRA, therefore potentially savings IRA owners significant income tax liability.