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ACE's regional director Farid Ahmad conducted an inquiry and found the doctor, his record keeper Tauqir Nasir, complaint Muhammad and his relative Mahmood Ahmad guilty.
Stenographer, Office Assistants, Record Keeper, Peons, Chowkidars and Safaiwala in National Highways of India, Regional Office-Gujarat at Gandhinagar.
The first case FIR no 411/17 was registered on the application of record keeper of D and SJ court, Mohammad Nisar against Mohammad Aslam dweller of village 33/2R who submitted photocopy of the ownership of his property as the surety bound in a case.
NYSE: VOYA) retirement business has been selected as the new record keeper for the City of Los Angeles deferred compensation plan, the company said.
Insurance companies are the most common record keeper for smaller plans, whereas asset managers, including mutual fund companies, are the most common record keeper for large plans, as well as all plans combined.
Under the new plan, the record keeper reports to PERA on an investment option level, the custodian bank reports to PERA on an underlying portfolio level, and the investment options, by way of the underlying options, hold assets for three separate plan trusts.
On 12 occasions, it alleged, Hutcheson directed the plan's record keeper to make wire transfers of plan assets from an account at Charles Schwab to bank accounts controlled by Hutcheson and to other bank accounts for his personal benefit.
The fire chief was the primary record keeper for the drugs and, in most instances, his name was signed to dispensing sheets at the hospital.
The third American president was a meticulous record keeper.
With regard to recordkeeping, Dickstein says, the regulations say that when there's no stated charge, the record keeper has to come up with a good-faith estimate of the cost.
While plan administrators will continue to rely on third-party vendors for recordkeeping and investments accounting, final responsibility for monitoring the record keeper and selecting the current menu of investments rests with the sponsor.
The AG's branch, which is the official record keeper in the service, has maintained Gen Singh's date of birth as May 10, 1951, although the Military Secretary's branch records it as May 10, 1950.