record of proceedings

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Quantity or scope: The Contractor will be responsible for assisting the community for the completion of the design phase, the representation of the Community at construction sites of ships ordered (Netherlands) particular, market monitoring an account Mission Record of Proceedings, to ensure they are conducted in the state of the art and according to the market, and the GCC FCS.
Did a London Government encourage this council to continue to invest in non-statutory capital projects over recent years, only now realising they didn't have the long-term revenue funding to run them; did they not read Hansard, the record of proceedings at Westminster?
On appeal, a court will review the entire record of proceedings before the board, and the burden of proof will be on the party challenging the decision.
There was no charge sheet on the record nor was there a record of proceedings before her between 6th November, when she pronounced her ruling in an open court with counsel for all parties present, and 19th November, when the order was supposedly issued," MTN said in a statement.
It is clear from a review of the certified record of proceedings and the board's decision of April 4, 2012 that the board made credibility determinations that credited the testimony establishing incidents in question.
The judge ordered the court clerk to include the Australian's statement in the court's record of proceedings.
Gavin Millar QC, for the director of public prosecutions Keir Starmer, said he would read the charges for the record of proceedings.
Hansard, the official record of proceedings in the Commons, reports him saying: "He's an a***.
SO, Alun Cairns AM states that use of the internet during Assembly Plenary sessions is intended for debate, record of proceedings or for checking what ministers have said (South Wales Echo, October 13).
00', an interface with search for tracking public organizations' record of proceedings, following JIS standard (JIS x 8341-3).
International conferences require a substantial outlay from delegates in time and money, and a printed record of proceedings should be available to share the benefit of the congress with others who are unable to attend.

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