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BEDDED BLISS A lorry takes man mountain Manuel to his wedding; A BRIDE IDEA Claudia has helped Manuel shed 40st; RECORD-BREAKER Manuel at his heaviest; HALF THE MAN Manuel has slimmed down to just 54st
It celebrates the record-breaker in everyone and pays tribute to the extraordinary achievements of all the people who have graced the pages of all 53 editions of the renowned book.
Record-breaker Danny McGuire has revealed his debt to Richie Mathers after the two Leeds teammates combined to make history.
The Scots record-breaker said they were talking nonsense and said the operation to airlift him from the North Pole was routine.
The former paratrooper, who is the world's most prolific record-breaker, aims to increase his tally of 105 records to a staggering 110 over the next 12 months.
Christmas came early for the studios, but the Christmas weekend itself probably won't be a record-breaker for movie theaters.
Last year was a record-breaker for us in terms of our number of new franchisees, and we're off to a great start already in 2006," said Lane Barnett, president and chief executive officer of GMAC Real Estate's Franchise Operations.
The potential record-breaker, which is powered by two 5.
Virgin boss Sir Richard Branson said 2003 would be another record-breaker.
IRONMAN Paddy Doyle, the world's most prolific record-breaker, has set a date for his 100th title attempt.
The 29-year-old record-breaker said: "My eyes have been opened to many aspects of the world around us.
The film, which will be released by Universal Pictures, is also a record-breaker for Roberts, who became the first actress to command $20 million for a movie.