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I read a couple of weeks ago in one of the Irish greyhound papers (IGW) that a major dog food manufacturer (GAIN) has agreed to provide the owner of every track record-breaker in the country with a trophy to commemorate the success.
A spokesman said: "From oyster eating in Swaziland to the largest collection of ornamental cats in Guatemala, there's a huge global spread of record-breakers - which makes it all the more incredible that the Scots have such a fantastic representation.
The other record-breakers included Masterkova in the women's mile (4:12.
His ambition is to become the greatest record-breaker ever.
Steroids aren't just used to pump up athletes into muscle-bound record-breakers, they are also used to help reduce inflammation and recuperate from painful injuries.
The Guinness World Records book has and continues to inspire generations of record-breakers," said Alistair Richards, Chief Operating Officer, Guinness World Records.
Record-breakers received a year's supply of ACT II(R) Microwave Popcorn, and they will be featured on special packages of ACT II Microwave Popcorn.