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After the recount was completed, Trump won by more than 22,000 votes, according (https://www.
Oregon law requires a recount if the difference is less than two-tenths of 1 percent.
Sterling held a recount Monday for the senior center override question on last month's election ballot.
With such a slender majority, a recount was called at 3am.
An Iraqi electoral official said Wednesday that a court-ordered recount of Baghdad votes from the inconclusive election could begin as early as next week, a process that could take away the narrow lead of election winner Iyad Allawi over the current prime minister.
The statement, which pointedly noted that Maliki remained head of the country's armed forces, did not specify whether he wanted a nationwide recount, or in particular provinces only.
The opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) won control of parliament in the March 29 polls but the recount could end up with Mugabe's Zimbabwe African National Union - Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) party regaining its majority.
That was followed by a month of recounts and legal maneuvers by the Bush and Gore camps that played out like a soap opera involving the infamous hanging chads and butterfly ballots, as well as a host of memorable characters such as Florida's then-Secretary of State Katherine Harris.
Since most communities do not have an abundance of lawyers with experience in election recounts, any campaign anticipating a close race should consider retaining more than one attorney who specializes in this field.
Gumbel notes that Nixon was convinced he'd lost Illinois due to Mayor Daley's shenanigans on Kennedy's behalf, but he decided to forego a recount in part because of his own partisans' grubby hands.
The poems raise the issue of what popular culture says about what we value while they recount the images of a man rather than the man himself.
The move comes after the island's High Court rejected a suit from losing candidate Lien Chan of the Nationalist Party (KMT) asking the court to order a recount.