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22, even if an arbitration victory that exceeds the defendant's last and best offer would produce a $7,500 bounty and double attorneys' fees, and even if the entire outlay were recoupable.
therefore reported as current assets, including advances recoupable more than
3 million to record an increase in the allowance for unrecoverable accounts to reserve for certain recoupable costs and producer advances, and c) decreased $0.
These advance royalties will be recoupable from the production royalty payments.
This quarterly minimum is still being received but is now recoupable and will be shown as deferred revenue until production commences on the property.
FUEL CHEM revenue growth was also limited by demonstration programs that did not yield commercial revenues during 2005, although recoupable amounts from these programs have been largely realized thus far in 2006.
Any advance royalty payments will be recoupable by Alexis out of NSR royalties otherwise payable to Thundermin.
3 million non-cash increase in the allowance for unrecoverable recoupable costs and producer advances, and (c) a $0.
They don't realize that artists receive recoupable advances to make an album and that the money is paid back out of their royalties.