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Peter Taylor, Leicester City: Spent pounds 23m, recouped pounds 8.
It's fantastic news that so much money is being recouped.
The insurer said while 2,000 billing errors were small compared to the 850,000 hospital treatment claims it handles every year, the amount recouped was still significant.
But as an inducement for owners to make investments and fund the improvements, MCI increases go on forever, so any interruption in the payments will most likely never be recouped and will represent several million dollars in lost funds, particularly if the case is not adjudicated for several years.
In the West, window replacements are highly valued, perhaps due in part to insulation and cooling concerns in desert regions, with nearly 103 percent of costs recouped on sale.
As a shareholder in two companies, she lost $7,700 in some investments and recouped about $700 - little more than $1 per share - while attorneys got $11 million.
DevSource recouped its initial investment in online data backup within months, securing some 250 licenses and has found the eStronghold offering to be an enticing door opener.
At the same time, you have to protect your interest and we have a substantial financial commitment with the dealership that needs to be recouped.
5 million cash, of the amount previously recouped by the carrier.
Classes A2 through A-7 will remain on Rating Watch Negative until the interest shortfalls are recouped.
The report by Comptroller Kieran Donnelly stated: "It is important that any indemnified costs incurred by the Department and Roads Service, for example public liability costs and damages, in dealing with or as a result of the flooding incidenton the Westlink are identified and recouped from the consortium.
The classes will remain on Rating Watch Negative until the interest shortfalls are recouped.