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The least profitable project in most markets -- sunroom additions -- recouped only between 29.
The insurer said while 2,000 billing errors were small compared to the 850,000 hospital treatment claims it handles every year, the amount recouped was still significant.
The lone interior project to crack 80 percent of recouped costs was minor kitchen remodel, with 83 percent.
That's what Chelsea spent on one dodgy player (Drogba) and we more than recouped that via the Champions League success.
Sam Allardyce, Bolton: Spent pounds 915,000, recouped pounds 750,000.
The price tag on the cargo was US$200,000 but the shipper recouped the investment by charging islanders $30 a head for the privilege of entering a refrigerated special events hail where they could build snowmen and throw snowballs.
The recouped BCCI money has also been welcomed by the Midlands' Asian community which lost millions in the financial disaster.
This difference can be recouped by augmenting the adjusted rent by $.
7 million in accounts to collections, and recouped only $38,800.
A portion of the Company's exploration expenditures has been recouped by the Company by selling its gold-bearing vein material to the Dynacor mill.
In 2006, nationwide, midrange vinyl siding replacement recouped over 87 percent of the job cost at resale, even in a cooling market, the report notes.
Though both the Nikkei and TOPIX opened lower, they recouped the losses in the first 10 minutes of trading and moved higher.