recover property

See: evict
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He said the RCB failed to recover property tax from defaulters for the last 10 years.
Rawalpindi -- Excise and Taxation Department Rawalpindi has geared up campaign to recover property tax after restoration of peace in the city.
and Torrance Holdings LLC sued to recover property that Rogers had collected to create a digital library of images.
The liquidator has the following powers and duties: (1) sue and recover assets of debtor; (2) take possession of all properties of debtor; (3) sell, with court's approval, any property of the debtor under his possession or control; (4) redeem all mortgages, pledges, and satisfy judgment that may constitute an encumbrance on any property sold by him; (5) settle accounts between debtor and creditors with approval of court; (6) recover property fraudulently conveyed by debtor; (7) recommend the creation of creditor's committee; and (8) engage the services of persons with specialized skills or training necessary to assist him.
During the hearing, the petitioner's counsel submitted that the PCSIR Laboratory was a federal government institution and the provincial authorities could not recover property tax from the federal government institutions as per Article 165 of the Constitution.
It's not recover property, seem none their And officers' shear determination paid off when three men were found hiding in nearby gardens - including one up a tree insp and another who had sneaked into a conservatory.
According to Isos Housing Group, which provides housing in the North East, the average has remained low because the region has been slower than other areas of the country to recover property prices from before the economic crash.
POLICE are appealing for the public's help to recover property stolen in a Newcastle burglary.
The New Delhi Municipal Council ( NDMC) has slapped tax notices to 10 hotels to recover property tax dues worth approximately ` 113 crore while the Land and Development Office ( L& DO) has issued lease rent notices worth ` 648 crore on two other hotels.
authorities filed to recover property in New York and Virginia tied to portions of illegal bribes paid to the former president of Taiwan and his wife, the U.
Police were also able to recover property pilfered in other raids.
Israel, which justifiably prevents Palestinians from returning to where they lived before 1948 and does not offer them fair compensation for their property (while enabling Jews to recover property from the same period, as has happened in Sheikh Jarrah), cannot expel Palestinians from the occupied territories on the basis of dubious bureaucratic claims.