recovery of property

See: replevin
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Syed Qaim Ali Shah said that the target and recovery of property tax are not so much encouraging, otherwise the recoveries of the Excise and taxation Department are quite good.
Tenders are invited for Estimate for out sourcing of Semi Educated Works for different jobs like recovery of Property Tax Water Supply and Sewerage Areas Un uthorized Construction checking and etc
RAWALPINDI -- Excise and Taxation Department Rawalpindi has launched crackdown for recovery of property tax from the owners of luxury houses covering the area of 2 kanals or more.
The recovery of property prices, coupled with high domestic passenger car sales, also contributed to the segment's marginal review-period growth.
The firm said she was singled out due to her growing reputation for advising a number of pub companies on issues relating to the beer tie and the recovery of property or arrears.
With the strong recovery of property markets and a projected economic growth in excess of 4.
He said that Excise & Taxation Department earns 28 percent from property tax and 54 percent from motor vehicles tax, whereas it should be reversed and reason for low recovery of property tax is that survey of the property was conducted 14 years ago.
The GBCC's financial health is in a very bad condition owing to mismanagement of funds, rampant corruption in civil works and its lackluster attitude towards recovery of property tax.
7 per cent increase in the average sale price of a Dubai home has taken the emirate to the top of poll of global house prices put together by respected consultant Knight Frank is merely the latest proof of breakneck recovery of property in Dubai.
The raids should act as a warning to others that this activity will continue over the coming weeks and it is expected more arrests, house searches and recovery of property will take place.
The district did not attempt to renew it due to the slow recovery of property taxes.
The recovery of property prices is particularly encouraging, considering the heavy losses this sector incurred in the correction.