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kn ammed as the gre director recreate England's green pleasant land 1912 rather tha for the pounds 27mil opening extra Danny, left, h managed to un feel-good facto by the gen GB-i to Danny, left, has managed to undo the feel-good factor created by the genuinely GB-inclusive torch relay.
The concert recreates the exact playlists and sounds of those long-ago concerts, we were told by local media promotions.
While Quadrophenia recreates the Mod era of the mid-60s, this amazing show never felt more now.
In this special edition, the Gadget Show team recreates some of the greatest moments from past shows.
When manipulated, it recreates in virtual reality the sight and sensation of pushing through the skin when giving an injection.
The former Big Brother star has come up with a series of tongue-in-cheek snaps in which she recreates the poses used by some of the world's most beautiful women to promote Chanel perfume.
The product, which can be downloaded from the web, recreates JFK's last moments and, according to Traffic, challenges players to help disprove any conspiracy theory by recreating the shots.
WITH great determination and no little perspiration, Jennifer Lopez recreates 80s blockbuster Flashdance in a series of sexy poses.
An appliance-based product, Shunra\Storm recreates the network topology in the lab and enables network managers to evaluate how applications will actually perform in real-life under a wide range of network configurations--from slow modem connections, through high latency satellite links and gigabit connections--prior to deployment.
In "Early Evening, Frankfort, Kentucky," she recreates a time before her birth when her "mother, who will not reach/forty-one, steps into the middle / of a field; lies down among clover / and sweet grass, right here, right now--/dead center of her life.
In Leap into the Void, 1991, Lachowicz recreates, in gold lipstick, the ledge from which Klein flung himself theatrically for the camera in 1960.
WGT recreates famous golf courses including Bethpage, Kiawah Island and St Andrews' Old Course in virtual reality using HD photography and patented technology.