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The rest of us serve our time living by our codes and trying to do things the right way; and, often enough, we still tap into feelings of fouling up, or not measuring up, or recriminating ourselves for not being on the ball during some 30-second soundbite when we missed some part of a conversation that didn't amount to much, anyway.
Thus De Profundis opens with a wounded, recriminating lament depicting Wilde's attachment to Douglas as the fatal yielding of the superior to the lesser being who "couldn't know, couldn't understand, couldn't appreciate" (514), but whose "life of reckless profusion" was indulged by a fond lover's tolerance.
He skyrocketed to prominence in 1988 when he appeared on Chilean television in a political debate and wagged a recriminating finger at the then all-powerful dictator.
The President uses the FBI and the CIA in order to obtain recriminating evidence about, and to punish, political adversaries.
Even when they sank into a pit of recriminating barbs and useless feuding.
He said, "We at CECIMO are not in favor of such measures and therefore we ask the Japanese authorities to open up the market to avoid recriminating retaliation.
But when Fall founder, shaman and chief Mark E Smith whips whatever brigands he has currently corralled at Fall HQ into this sort of shape, John Peel's fave band play acrid, decimating and recriminating rock 'n' roll.
Chen's Raymond addresses his mother with the kind of recriminating stare that might wilt a Mother's Day bouquet, and has developed a stolid attitude toward life.
Corinne must, on the contrary, forsake the consoling presence of her friend, Castel-Forte in order to avoid recriminating against Oswald (Stael 469).