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My point is not that Flo is a kind or progressive lover, but that her lover's and the author's treatment of her as woman/feminist is marked by guilty anxiety as well as the recriminatory anger of ressentiment-infused identity politics.
The wake descends into an absurdly comic, recriminatory affair as the group confront each other over the contents of the video.
Proposition 187, California's infamous statewide ballot initiative that strips basic-fights and-benefits from the undocumented population, is a prime example of the type of recriminatory backlash to which the immigrant community is susceptible in times of economic stagnation and concern over social ills, such as crime, moral decay, racial strife, and polarization between the rich and poor.
Despite this -- despite knowing our policy, our investigatory procedures, and our ability to protect her from recriminatory acts -- Ms.
She said that unfortunately a few things, particularly when Afghan peace envoy Burhanuddin Rabbanis assassination, led to some unwarranted recriminatory comments coming from Kabul which were difficult to live with.
Nobody pointed a recriminatory finger at Mother Teresa as in Calcutta she is not seen as a saviour.
Libya's new transitional government has urged fighters not to engage in looting and recriminatory assaults.
She's never been recriminatory or spiteful because of that, and our relationship has always been strong and loving.
But he promised there would be no recriminatory action taken if they are returned safely.