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The only difference in opinion is whether Washington should get out straight away or withdraw in phases so that the Iraqi police and security forces can take over and ensure that the communal clashes which have underpinned so much of the past violence, do not recrudesce.
O lancamento da Campanha da Fraternidade da Igreja Catolica sob o titulo A defesa da vida, em 2008, recrudesce essa discussao no cenario brasileiro e polariza posicoes e argumentos entre diferentes grupos e lugares em que se entrecruzam discursos: religiosos, legislativos, juridicos, medicos, movimentos feministas, dentre outros.
A tensao entre fatos e normas, no contexto da modernidade, recrudesce, e sugere uma maior preocupacao com a garantia do apaziguamento de conflitos por uma via nao mais garantida por fundamentos ultimos, absolutos.
lacked the greater portion of the words" Smith uses, and in conversing with them even the old professor is corrupted: "It was noticeable that in these rambling soliloquies his English seemed to recrudesce into better construction and phraseology.
The authors, probably rightfully so, believe that he planned his recrudesce as he stepped on the plane returning him to California.
Sometimes called the "The Great Cow Flap," this barnyard solecism is guaranteed to recrudesce whenever a city-slicker writer is obliged to report on a matter involving cows, bulls, steers, heifers, calves, or maybe oxen.