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Analysis of the genotype calls across the genome (online Technical Appendix Figure 4) revealed that, whereas the heterozygous sites from the initial infection were spread evenly across the 14 chromosomes, the homozygous alternate sites in the recrudescent infection were present in distinct clusters, implying that the initial infection was polyclonal and that the recrudescence was attributable to a single clone that was closely related to the reference clone.
Our third single and final part of The Recrudescence Series, Abandoned Ship, was released on September 12 on Deathly Records.
Sceloporus uniformis exhibits a testicular cycle with timing typical of many other phrynosomatid lizards from western North America in which spermiogenesis occurs in spring, followed by late summer regression and recrudescence (recovery) initiated in autumn and completed the following spring (Goldberg 1974, 1975, 1977).
Month n Regression Recrudescence Spermiogenesis January 4 4 0 0 May 1 0 1 0 August 5 0 0 5 September 1 0 0 1
In the quinine group 69% (18/26) of parasitological failures were due to recrudescence compared with none in the artemether-lumefantrine group.
Similarly, PCR-adjusted treatment failure rate should have been considered as the reference time failure because recrudescence after this date (i.
The regional economic crisis of 1997-98, political breakdown in Southeast Asia, regime change in Indonesia, the recrudescence of suppressed ethno-religious tensions, the emergence of a terror network with al-Qaeda links, and the conspicuous inability to coordinate a coherent response to transnational disease such as SARS and natural disasters such as the 2004 tsunami, are among the signs that Jones (political science and international studies, U.
From Ester Partegas's tarp-covered, boarded-off Monument to the Truth, 2005, in the center's yard, which echoed adjacent condo developments, to Bryan Savitz's Submissive Compressions, 2005, a set of fanciful cityscapes made of discarded fruit and vegetable cartons--that is to say, from witty conceptualism to BFA-grade monkeying-around--the show's concern with a recrudescence of form and tradition fell away in favor of a portrait of New York as an actual place rather than as a mere node in a global system.
The increased condition of the fish with time across the treatments was expected because energy directed to fuel rapid gonad growth during recrudescence is directed to support somatic growth in postspawning fish.
It means that we must ask the indulgence of, and count on the understanding of, our Catholic partners when we return again and again to the matters that are closest to our heart, those that touch on our survival as a people; namely, the security of the State of Israel and the recrudescence of anti-Semitism in the Christian world.
Second Wave -- Recrudescence of disease activity within several months following the initial wave of infection.
Father Bedard firmly believes that (1) the Lord has a plan for the accomplishment of a sweeping recrudescence in our faith, and that (2) the Companions have a vision in accord with His design.