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Les formules inscrites, certes rectifiables, maintiennent constantes les definitions attachees aux codes ou aux categories, lesquelles sont donc ouvertes a d'autres que l'analyste qui les a produites.
see research data below Research has proven that cattle and its waste constitutes 30% of all greenhouse gases () and is perhaps the most easily rectifiable short-term contributor to this overwhelming problem, is livestock farming.
also raised a number of rectifiable control, process and accounting
Fortunately, all three of these ETF mistakes are easily explainable, and rectifiable, with just a few extra minutes of research and education (read ETFs vs.
On the other hand, the expert deliberately exaggerated a few small and rectifiable shortcomings in the VJD system.
I believe that is rectifiable, because the brand is strong, the product offering and our trading ability is here, the demand for online - particularly mobile - is positive and we've got the ammunition to make it happen.
The proof is followed by a remark that it can be generalized to any rectifiable curve by employing the concept of Lebesque integral and that a similar relation also holds for spatial curves--projections must only be made on all planes and the mean length of the total projection must be multiplied by 4/n.
This extraordinary situation is easily rectifiable by replacing the Canadian tax credits obtained by shooting the film in Canada with investment from Sgrin out of the Arts Council film funding they have.
However, the deficit--the illegitimacy of the current regime, at least in the eyes of many Maori--is not rectifiable in terms of the rule of law, however rewritten.
However it would be a mistake to see errors in implementation or faulty combinations of different strategies as largely responsible for the outcomes, with these outcomes being largely rectifiable by introduction of different combinations as has been suggested by Smith and Keating (1997).
In the first place, there are notable deficiencies in both Commonwealth and State laws relating to Aboriginal heritage, some attributable to poor drafting, but more seriously and less easily rectifiable, to 'fundamental differences between the introduced common law system and the legal system of the indigenous oral culture' (Commonwealth of Australia 1996:1).
On both numerical and logical grounds, attributing a loss of 2 percentage points of annual growth to irrigation deterioration rectifiable by institutional reform seems quite reasonable.