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rect] is the 3 x 3 intrinsic parameter matrix of the ideally aligned camera, and R is the 3 x 3 rectification rotation matrix.
Rectification entails complex matrix calculations for coordinate transformation, shown in (1) and (5), and requires the calculations of seventh-degree polynomials for distortion correction, shown in (2), (3), and (4).
Section 2 discusses previous rectification methods and proposes a multi-level accumulation-based rectification method, and Section 3 proposes the circuit implementation of the proposed rectification method.
Fusiello, Trucco, and Verri proposed a compact rectification algorithm that reduces computational overhead [14].
However, these rectification methods, unfortunately, cover only coordinate transformation without addressing distortion correction.
The list also come with the best possible rectification tasks in order to solve the leakage problem together with the suggested waterproofing material or product brand can be used to rectify the defects.
The paper focusing on the suggested best possible rectification works for the asbestos roof and for the clay or slate tile roofing.
Table 1: List of rectification frameworks to overcome the defects pertaining to the clay or slate roof tiles.
This contribution can decrease the rectification the direction dependence of the current will disappear as the water ions are increased.
For similar reasons, the rectification ratio for chemically connected junction can be expected to be much better than that of physically connected one.
Again, the current rectification increases with increasing water content up to a threshold swelling degree, then, it decreases with further increase in water content.
The rectification ratio--the rate of current density under forward bias to reverse bias--of these samples were calculated as 9.