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If the amount paid is equal to or greater than one day's gross base pay the Underpayment will be rectified within three working days; If the amount is less than one day's gross base pay it will be rectified by no later than the next normal pay However if the employee can demonstrate that rectification in this manner would result in undue hardship every effort will be made by the employer to rectify the underpayment within three working days.
Riksbank has said that it has rectified its payment system.
A Barclays spokesman said the fault would be rectified during a software upgrade in February.
While property developers conduct a basic snagging prior to handover, the experience and training of the LPM Consultants ensure that building, mechanical and electrical faults are properly identified and rectified.
The salesman told Steve that this would be picked up on the service and rectified before he took delivery.
And something that went wrong that has not been rectified.
Peugeot, based in Ryton, today said it was aware of the problem and the fault could be quickly rectified at dealerships.
The finis written by the Talibs to Buddhism should be only "a wrong rectified," in their eyes.
The aircraft, carrying 93 passengers from Perth, was about 400 kilometres west of Adelaide when the problem developed, forcing a descent from 37,000 feet to 18,000 feet which rectified the problem said Ansett Airways spokesman Geoff Lynch.
About 90% of the airport computer systems have already been rectified, with the rest expected to be ready by June 30, the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore said in a statement.
KPMG has also noted that in many instances not only has Bell Atlantic not rectified the exceptions noted, but has failed to even give KPMG a plan as to how they will rectify those short comings.