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Absolut has asked for a permit to extract a total 250 million litres of groundwater a year and to produce 100 million litres of rectified alcohol, which is twice as much as the current levels.
A Barclays spokesman said the fault would be rectified during a software upgrade in February.
While property developers conduct a basic snagging prior to handover, the experience and training of the LPM Consultants ensure that building, mechanical and electrical faults are properly identified and rectified.
The sharp decline in the A stock value must be rectified at closing by adding more consideration.
of Nevada at Reno) provides background on the genre as a whole, analyzes the ways in which Age Rectified differed from other examples of the genre, and seeks to establish the authorship of the text as belonging to Lady Anne Brockman.
The salesman told Steve that this would be picked up on the service and rectified before he took delivery.
They made a mistake, but they rectified it, even though they took their time.
This book is part of the Sunscreen series that explains to readers that their particular issue is not a personality default, but can be rectified with information.
The alarm message can be repeated at intervals until it is acknowledged, the machine restarts, or the alarm condition is rectified.
That assumption is challenged by the new view of rectified Brownian movement.
The finis written by the Talibs to Buddhism should be only "a wrong rectified," in their eyes.