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Short and easy as her tasks were, if done at all, they were slurred over, at any time and in any way; but generally at the least convenient times, and in the way least beneficial to herself, and least satisfactory to me: the short half-hour of practising was horribly strummed through; she, meantime, unsparingly abusing me, either for interrupting her with corrections, or for not rectifying her mistakes before they were made, or something equally unreasonable.
However, we should not deny that many expatriates have been victims of the rectifying process and little was done to help them.
V Sindhu, who settled for a bronze after crashing out in the semi final match against Thailand's Ratchanok Intanon in the World Badminton Championships in Beijing, said they were delighted with her performance, but urged her to work towards rectifying her mistakes.
The programme may cover the following areas, but not exclusively: building a model, working quickly and efficiently using shortcuts, making models more reliable by using names, making models more reliable by keeping formulae short, and rectifying the model.
The Exchange's Managing Director Aftab Ahmed Chaudhry appreciated the efforts of the Management of Redco Textile Mills Limited for rectifying the default of Listing Regulations of the Exchange.
Saying that slower economic growth, market turbulence in Europe and the credit downgrade of the United States have affected economies globally, the IMF said that delays in rectifying financial positions have eroded the credibility of advanced nations.