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South America is not referred to this regularity as it has the lowest (according to absolute value) rectilinear correlation coefficient.
Rectilinear locomotion is very efficient and is especially useful for crawling within crevices, an invaluable benefit for search-and-rescue robots," he said.
Red: 1032 triangular pairs and 1728 rectilinear pairs
7) Since the sub-lunar elements (anasir) are natural simple bodies (basait), their motions must be both simple and natural, (8) but also rectilinear and not circular because, in the absence of any hindrance, each of the elements will by nature either move straight up or straight down, seeking its natural place.
Beautiful endpapers in naif style present a bird's eye view of the prosperous farm, with its rectilinear fields, hedges, duck pond, vegie garden, pigsty, barn and orchard.
Most unusually, the 8m high columns, specially designed for the site, are curved in opposite directions--and overlap each other in a graceful formation, which creates a striking visual contrast to the square's rectilinear buildings and vertical trees.
Other philosophers assert the complementary view that "the principle of inertia does not even try to explain uniform rectilinear motion, but only says it needs no explanation.
The original layout is single story with rectilinear plan contained the primary elements of mosque; the prayer hall, mehrab, abolition place and open courts,' Bukhash explained.
Each new town was defended by strong walls and powerful gateways, and was laid out, wherever possible, on a gridiron system of straight streets and rectilinear plots.
Also one cannot measure simultaneously the polarization of a photon in the rectilinear and the diagonal bases.
In case of continuous supply of the molten metal into the cladding area and uniform movement of the heat release source relative the surface being clad penetration of the base metal is mainly of rectilinear character detected, for example, in welds, produced by the electroslag welding, using a consumable electrode under stationary conditions of melting.