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Young as he is, that lad's notions of moral rectitude I defy you ever to eradicate.
Raffles said I was, and with that took a passionate oath upon our absolute rectitude as volunteers.
Dear Miss Clack, a pious fraud which even your high moral rectitude will excuse
Confident in the rectitude of his purpose, and impelled by a sense of overhanging danger closing in around, he resolved, if his mother would still admit of no approach, to make a desperate appeal to Affery.
If you ask me, or if you ask yourself--which is more likely--what emboldens me, I answer, I have been strongly assured, that you are a man of rectitude and plain dealing, with the soundest of sound hearts, and that you are blessed in a wife distinguished by the same qualities.
This had always been a principle in the Dodson family; it was one form if that sense of honor and rectitude which was a proud tradition in such families,--a tradition which has been the salt of our provincial society.
he thought--'Has this child heroically persevered under all doubts and dangers, struggled with poverty and suffering, upheld and sustained by strong affection and the consciousness of rectitude alone
It's difficult not to warm to Mosley when he elicits a smile with one tale of moral rectitude.
When trust in politics is low, transparency and personal rectitude are important.
But there is a danger that German-led rectitude will cause more pain than expected.
The late Lassaad Ben Osman "was an example of rectitude and honesty.
I applaud and thank Zelekew for her honesty and rectitude.