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The researcher measures for a diastasis recti by placing her fingers horizontally across the linea alba and determine how many fingers fit in the space between the medial borders of the two rectus abdominis.
All three groups had the same proportion of individuals (40%) who developed fatigue of the rectus abdominis muscles as a result of the lifting protocol.
However, EMG activity in the soleus was higher, and EMG activity in the rectus abdominis was lower when performed on the Wobble Board[R] and Swiss ball compared with the other conditions.
Outcomes of immediate vertical rectus abdominis myocutanous flap reconstruction for irradiated abdominoperineal defects.
Heritability estimates for the rectus abdominis varied from 0.
A 12 mm tear located on third bottom of left rectus abdominis was objectified by clinic and para-clinic examinations.
10,11) Other sports hernia descriptions have included abnormalities of the rectus abdominis muscle, avulsion of part of the internal oblique muscle fibers from the pubic tubercle, tearing within the internal oblique muscle, or abnormality within the external oblique muscle and aponeurosis.
During pregnancy, the two rectus abdominis muscle bellies elongate and curve round the abdominal wall as it expands (Boissonnault and Blaschak 1988, Gilleard and Brown 1996) causing midline separation along the linea alba and protrusion of the umbilicus (Boissonnault and Blaschak 1988, Mota et al 2013).
They course medially to the round ligament and travel beneath the lateral third of the rectus abdominis muscle.
Spigelian hernias occur along the linea semilunaris, which is a continuation of the aponeuroses of the layered lateral abdominal muscles and the rectus abdominis sheath (Figure 12).
For example, the relative activation amplitudes of oblique, transverse abdominis (TrA), and rectus abdominis muscles were evaluated during the pelvic tilt, abdominal hollowing, and level 1 of the trunk stability test exercises.