recurring theme

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Our biggest problem - and it's a recurring theme - is defense.
Tonight's first episode, ``Gumbo,'' delineates up front a recurring theme in the documentary: Jazz originated as a music celebrating freedom by musicians frequently shackled by society.
But the fact that he was pitching at all and competing is the recurring theme.
Not surprisingly, trust emerged as a recurring theme in his songs.
Her battle with chronic pain is a recurring theme in the documentary.
Created by Charlie Brooker, it's a sort of 21st century 'Twilight Zone', a series of tales exploring some very modern fears - with social media and advanced technology gone wrong a recurring theme.
The recurring theme is the undermining of traditional certainties (in physics, art, finance), and the painful adjustments these brought.
The author describes the inspiration behind that novel, as well as discussing the recurring theme of war throughout his other books, including Private Peaceful and his most recent novel Listen to the Moon.
The recurring theme is her desire to earn her father's love - she essentially discovered she was proficient on two wheels by mirroring his love of the sport - and eventually her own deep but ultimately fractious relationship with one of her coaches.