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TIDE. The ebb and flow of the sea.
     2. Arms of the sea, bays, creeks, coves, or rivers, where the tide ebbs and flows, are public, and all persons may use the same for the purposes of navigation and for fishing, unless restrained by law. To give these rights at common law, the tide must ebb and flow: the flowing of the waters of a lake into a river, and their reflowing, being not the flux and reflux of the tides, but mere occasional and rare instances of a swell in the lake, and a setting up of the waters into the river, and the subsiding of such swells, is not to be considered an ebb and flow of the tide, so as to constitute a river technically navigable. 20 John. R. 98. See 17 John. R. 195; 2 Conn. R. 481.
     3. In Pennsylvania, the common law principle, that the flux and reflux of the tide ascertain the character of the river, has been rejected. 2 Binn. R. 475. Vide Arm of the sea; Navigable river; Sea shore.

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Red tide is a term used to describe a phenomenon where the water is discolored by high algal biomass or the concentration of algae.
The Ministry employs latest technologies, such as remote sensors, satellite imagery and digital modelling to locate a red tide and to predict its occurrence to take precautionary measures to reduce its adverse effects.
To stem further problems, the ministry said it is following its National Plan for Red Tide Management by satellite monitoring of the marine environment in cooperation with the Regional Organization for the Protection of the Marine Environment.
Pollution may spur its growth, but red tide develops 20-40 miles offshore
Losses from this year's red tide threaten to trigger a new round of job cuts, which would no doubt add to Chiloe's economic woes, fuel community resentment toward the salmon companies, and perhaps send a new group into the streets clamoring for government assistance.
In this paper, a fuzzy c-means clustering algorithm is proposed for the red tide prediction.
The hotline receives calls all year-round, not just during events like the red tide.
The units will resume operations once SEWA is certain that the effect of red tide on the area's seawater has vanished, he noted.
The red tide is the first to be detected in the East China and Yellow seas this year.
brevis that cause classic red tide symptoms of bronchoconstriction, watering eyes, and slowed mucociliary clearance.
Hamad Al Roomy, general manager of the Dubai Fishermen's Co-operative, says in 2008 Gulf waters were invaded by a red tide, or harmful algae bloom, often caused by a sudden temperature change.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Red tide is spreading around the coasts off the United Arab Emirate in the Persian Gulf, killing off multiple species of corals and reducing fish populations of the region.