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The only time I met Senator Feinstein was in September of this year and I've not seen the draft report, I've not asked for any redactions in that report.
Mark Robinson, for the PSNI, said in a bid to expedite disclosure, the redactions had been undertaken by officers from the Major Investigation Team.
Among the redactions, six sections on economic impact were cut out and 17 from the section on local services.
Redacta Limited are the UK Distributors of RapidRedact, developed by Onstream Systems, which provides a fast, effective solution for all document redaction requirements by allowing organizations to remove sensitive information from documents before they are released for publication.
Cuillier said he's more concerned about the chilling effect that blanket redactions of public records has on democracy and a free society.
Quand ce numero de la revue sera publie, Joan Birrell-Bertand, notre fiable adjointe a la redaction depuis deux ans, sera deja en train de s'habituer a un nouvel emploi captivant a l'universite du Qatar.
Organiser des stages pour les representants du Mali Medical au sein des redactions de l'Environmental Health Perspectives et de l'American Journal of Public Health
Responding to the need for public disclosure and to address concerns about judges' security, the judiciary has developed guiding principles for the implementation of its redaction authority--to grant redactions that would reveal the unsecured locations of judges and members of their families or where there is a clear nexus between the redactions requested and specific security threats.
The service features advanced search options, as well as privilege and redaction logs, the ability to code and comment on redactions, and a document-status indicator that shows which documents were reviewed.
Images can also be permanently annotated with tools including highlights, text, bitmap stamps and redactions.
Since the texts throughout carry a Deuteronomistic mark, it becomes difficult to distinguish between the different layers through literary criticism; text-critical criteria, however, prove that there must have existed at least two Deuteronomistic redactions (p.