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When the trial judge made them redeliberate, the jury returned a verdict of not guilty for both defendants.
The revisions in Proposed Accounting Standards Update (Revised), Revenue Recognition (Topic 605)--Revenue from Contracts with Customers: Revision of Exposure Draft Issued June 24, 2010, appear to address many of the concerns raised in a December 2010 comment letter by the AICPA's Financial Reporting Executive Committee (FinREC) that also urged the boards to re-expose and redeliberate on the proposals.
In reporting on a May 23, 2000, regular Board meeting to redeliberate certain of the accounting issues in this project, the FASB included the following statement in its May 31, 2000, Action Alert publication:
At the conclusion of the comment process, the PCC will redeliberate the proposed exceptions or modifications and forward them to the FASB, who will make a final decision on endorsement, generally within 60 days.
The rest of the feedback will be evaluated by the board over the next few months as we redeliberate several other aspects of the exposure draft.
As such, the project is likely to remain highly visible as the Boards redeliberate the issues that were raised in comment letters submitted in response to their October 2008 discussion paper.
Following the public comment period, the PCSIC would redeliberate the proposed exceptions or modifications at a meeting attended by the FASB members and vote on final changes.
Hedging--Both boards issued proposals; however, FASB isn't planning to redeliberate until next year.
The Journal addressed this issue in detail in "The FASB and the IASC Redeliberate EPS" (Feb.
PHILADELPHIA -- The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) and its international counterpart, the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) continue to redeliberate some of the more complex and controversial aspects of the lease accounting exposure draft.
Tejerina said the boards have started to redeliberate together and have issued a discussion document that is clearly a compromise, in other words, not necessarily what either board would have liked.