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Such high redelivery costs would be avoided if the planes are owned by the company.
We know that many people don't want to wait for redelivery so we are extending our opening hours to make it easier for customers who want to pick up their parcels in person.
Customers can help us by picKing up parcels as QUICKLY as possible or arranging redelivery as QUICKLY as possible.
As also previously disclosed, the Genmar Victory is currently on a 24-month time charter to BP at a rate of $40,500 per day with earliest redelivery date of February 2012.
territory and redelivery to a foreign country and redeliveries to the United States of U.
She wasn't home when DPD tried to deliver a package - so the courier left a note with redelivery options.
Work will begin this month with redelivery slated for December.
Early redelivery of two P-MAX tankers Continuing good availability of liquid funds, SEK 642.
The London Borough of Camden is seeking to procure services in relation to the removal, storage and redelivery of furniture and other household items from domestic or care properties.
The BSG System will provide up to 75,000 bpd of crude oil takeaway capacity for growing production in the North Midland Basin for redelivery to downstream pipelines originating at the Colorado City Tank Farm in Scurry County, TX.
Customers can arrange redelivery of their Christmas parcels to their home address or any address within the same postcode area on a day of their choice for free by phoning the number on the card.
As a result, the vessel is now fixed for the balance of the original charter party, with a minimum redelivery date on or about November 16, 2009 and a maximum redelivery date on or about January 16, 2010, at a rate of $20,742 per day, less a 5% third-party brokerage commission.