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The number of years since the last redesign, amount of competition within the vehicle's segment, and the quality of the design were all factors in determining used values.
Your neighbor has the same model of car as you, but his car is only a year old, and has gone through a newer, extensive redesign.
It provides a framework to manage various aspects of course redesign.
While it contains jargon specific to the performance-improvement field, when the jargon is set aside, instructors will find a process that will be useful in both course and program redesign.
Embrace incremental redesigns (rather than redesigning every two or three years).
The typical web agency or web consultant probably has more website redesigns under his or her belt than anybody in your institution.
However, even at a large company, it only takes a few people to do the redesign.
More than 120 companies said they had or were planning to launch a redesign.
After five months of deliberate work, the two reengineering task groups for purchasing and the VR process completed their redesigns on November 1, 1994.
The action would likely force NASA to tell Congress about the redesign decision before funds are released.
Automakers count on redesigns to boost sales," said Mays.
The ability to leverage cost-effective internal resources to expand the CM system, coupled with cost-savings gained each time the organization redesigns, evolves or expands its own Web sites, reduces the overall total cost of ownership of the content management solution.